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    Cut out !!!!!! Battery

    riding genesis today. carb model 1999 going great been riding 30 mins turn to the left. dead . battery wouldent turn engine over mfd sceen went blank when pressing start button. lefted up seat bat strap had come off, battery lose. checked termnals for tightness. ok. press starter engine trying to turn over and clicking. mdf showed 11.6 volt before cranking. towed home put battery on charge. just put on ski showed 13.5 volts started straight up. mfd shows charging 16 volts, bat 15 month old acid. always charge maintained. started up about 8 times no probs. before i buy new odysesy 625 batt. Q. is this overcharging, if charge going to batt when riding why cut out. why when turning sharp left. ANS. please guy

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    I suspect you have a bad connection somewhere that fails when turning. Start with the heavy battery cables, especially at the engine end.

    Follow through with the electrical box and wiring harness. Check for places where the wires may be rubbing against the engine or drive line.

    Make very sure the battery is not able to shift or bounce and touch anything. Batteries must be well secured, as they have a rough ride in the hull.

    It is also possible that the battery is coming apart internally. Lead-acid batteries don't like being bounced around.

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    hi all just got new. odyssy pc625 battery, wish id brought sooner, good battery had great weekend. thanks guys

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