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    98 GSXL - Only 10mph?

    Hi there,

    I ended up scoring a 98 GSXL. It was pretty much dead in the water and needed a new pump. I replaced the entire pump - plastic housing, wear ring, bearings impeller. It runs great on the trailer. I toss it in the water and head out through the no wake zone. As I am riding, I have the seat off and adjust the idle. It is sweet in the no wake zone. Engine sounds great, prop is spinning freely without any noise or slippage. I get all excited as I leave the no wake area and WOT. I expect it to stand staright up and be off for some fun. Instead the engine just revs and the boat goes about 10mph. Rev all the way up to 6,500rpm, still go 10mph. GRRR I am thinking I didnt seat the pump correctly, because engine is running perfect must be major slippage going on. So I toss on trailer, pull out the pump, inspect the hell out of it and the drove shaft. Everything is perfectly in order. The splines all have the machined look to them, the spines inside the prop are the same, no wear, no scratches. So I put it all back together, i get under it to line up through intake grate, everything is back in order. I toss it back in water, same thing!! So my day is ruined at this point. Thank god for the GTI and its 9 hour freshly rebuilt engine! So we go out on that...

    I get home last night, I take pump off, I rip the drive shaft out and give it a damn good look. Both side, the splines are in great shape with NO scratches or anything. So, what's next? What the hell can be slipping, so off the PTO. Of course, the splines look great in there too! Fire up the ski, the crank is obviously spinning. Engine sounds perfect but yet when under load it will not spin it and it slips!

    I am at a loss. Could it be it needs the crank replaced?? How could that be? Again, top end is running perfect.

    Open for all ideas!

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    Pics of the shaft. I dont have pics of the PTO cause I got lazy but trust me, it looks the same as the shaft.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Almost forgot.. Here is my new baby!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    you may just be sucking alot of air from somewhere. check the carbon ring and the boot attached to it. sometimes they rip on the underside. next would be to seal the ride plate and pump with silicone.

    and check the splines inside the pto

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    there should be no play on the shaft while the pump is installed, try to move it back and forth, if there is some play I add a piece of black rubber hose on the impeller hole to shim the shaft and take out the play.

    check the carbon ring move it up and down, if there is slack you will need to replace it.
    i like to upgrade to bearing seal carrier, they are better than carbon ring, if you grease them often.

    run it on the trailer while on the water and check if the shaft turns at the same time with the PTO
    another thing could be that the wear ring is spinning along with the impeller.

    I believe there should be a large O-ring around the pump lining meeting the pump shoe.
    look at the parts diagram just to be sure.

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    Pretty sure the splines are fine in the PTO, everything is tight as hell. My buddy is getting me a new drive shaft and PTO. So pretty much, everything from PTO to tail cone will be replaced. I will check out to see if maybe it is sucking in air. That is a damn good idea.

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    Oh, seriously, I figured something out!

    If you leave your compression gauge outside, overnight, in a rain storm. It fills up with water! If you take a bowl, fill it rice and burry the gauge inside it, it dries it out in 24 hours and the gauge is back to being new again.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    why are you replacing the shaft and pto?
    is not a part that wears out common, is a pain in the ass to remove the pto
    and you will have to remove the engine.

    that gauge is no good, you know that rust will build up inside and your shredder valve will most likely no longer hold pressure
    I would just replace it,

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    For lack of a better word, the white round spinner thinger on the block that the shaft goes into. Held on by 6-8 hex bolts. That is what I am looking to replace.

    Hey my gauge is 8 days old! I am going to love it and be nice to it and when it doesnt hold next time I use it, I will smash it on the ground

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    Hold the phone! My buddy is friends with a dude that specializes in 951 he looked and said uhhhh where is the pumps oring? Sooooo searching now to find an oring.. boy that's tricky seadoo! I'm guessing that is the problem.. explains a lot! *fingers crossed*

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