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    1996 Waveventure 700 vs. 2001 800xl - which is better?

    Thinking of getting a 3 seater for the family to play on. Would like to stick with Yamaha. The Waveventure was at first advertised as an 1100, but it turns out it is a 700, which is still OK with me. We have a boat for pulling tubes etc.. The question is, are the 2000/2001 800XL's a better hull design? Any other improvements between the 96 Wave Venture and the later boats. There are two 800's for sale, about the same price. I am a little wary of the powervalve problem - tried researching it and can't get a good answer on what year they fixed this issue, or what ski's it affected. Should I stay away from the 800XL's? All the boats are under $3000.


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    No opinions yet?

    Leaning towards the non-power valve Venture even though it is much uglier than the 2000 800xl. The Venture is also just a 700, but this is OK for wife and daughter to handle. Should be cheaper to buy as well, but was hoping some people would add some input on the 800xl. Are they generally reliable?

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    Put wave eater clips on the Xl800 and you're good to go. Never ridden a Venture but past posts indicate the hull is flatter compared to newer skis, thus Venture would slide around whereas xl800 would hold better in the turns.

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    ihave 2001 xlt 800 and 1997 wave venture, the 800 side wells are deeper,its way more comfortable, wave venture is 2 shallow for knees.

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    i have 2001 xlt 800 and 1997 1100 wave venture, they are both dependable,the side wells are deeper on the 800,its way more comfortable,the venture is a good starter ski,iwould go with 800

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    don't have any experience with either. but my gpr has the 800pv motor and it has wave eater clips on it. it has 192 original hours on the motor and it has never had any work done to it. the biggest thing with the 800 is just put wave eater clips on the pvs an you will never have a problem.

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