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    Seadoo problem after oil change at the dealerships

    I have a 2009 rxt-is 255hp and after the 10 hours i was supposed to get it service. Anyways they were so busy so i got my oil change at 25 hours. That's not my problem. My problem is after i went for an oil change my jet ski has no pickup. How can the dealership do anything just by doing the 10 hour inspection. They suck up the oil and put a new filter. The check is all bs anyways. They hookup the bud system to reset my maintenance light. Anyways i brought it back for them. Hope they can find something wrong. Has anyone had any issues like that before? When u do the bunny hop u can't do it anymore. There isn't enough power. U can still do 67 miles np, but he accleration is gone. When u give it, it revs to like 8000rpm and then it seems like a fuel cut off from the ecu and it goes back down and back up normal again. Tomorrow hopefully they can resolve the answer.

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    I'm thinking oil overfill, check your dipstick. It should be in the middle.

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    check your they didnt snap your timing chain and say they didnt even crank it..... (no not really for you)

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    I bring it back to the dealership and they said that this is normal. The ECU restricts the rpm to around 8100 and then it backs off. I dunno how was the ecu rpm limit before. All i know is that when i trim it up and gave it full throttle it pulls and the bunny hop is so fun. Now it seems that it loses the power and rpm. Is this normal? I know when i brought the ski it gave a lot of power and pickup. Now just sucks.I check the oil and it was fine.
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