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    Gpr Topend Single Hop At Peak Speed

    I am new to this forum, but not new at top speed runs. No one in my area races anymore. I met Kerri back when he and my arch rival Billy Morris were racing Ultras.

    I have never figured out how to get the topend leap out of my GPR1200. It does it at 79 or 82.5. Tim Judge years ago was tuning Riva's boat at 87.5 and he could not give me an answer. Has time cured this issue? How is it dealt with by the fast GPRs riders of this forum.

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    you could try

    1) stepping the stock sponsons

    2) shim a set of R&D or Riva trim tabs down 2 to 4 mm

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    Is it the rear bucking, or the front porposing? Can be hard to tell, but the fix for each is different. What intake grate are you using? I had a bad buck from the rear at about the same speed (78 mph) with the Protec and the R&D single bar grate. A modified 1200 or 800 grate, with some tuning, will eliminate the buck from the rear.

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    try putting more gas in it. It helped me a bunch i was running 2 bars bounced went half take smoothed out. or shim you tabs down a little

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