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    does LC-1 or rude controller store info?

    hey guys,
    i have a LC-1 and a rude controller. It doesn't automatically store data you can go back and download right? oh man if it had a date code that would be the icing on the cake.

    i have the engine out of my ski and the dealer grenaded it and didnt say anything.
    i didnt think about it before i took the engine out but can i take the hull and ecu and all to another dealer and hook it up to buds and see what it was doing last time... they say they didnt crank it but wouldn't buds tell you otherwise?? does it datecode?

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    No, and no... you need a LM-2 to datalog. However... I think you can datalog with the LC-1, as long as you have a laptop hooked up to it... I can't remember though I always use the LM-2 for logging data.

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