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    Could it be bad gas?

    While riding along I noticed that at about half throttle I would ride just fine but when I would put it at full throttle, it bogs down. After a while it started bogging down even just while turning.

    Why would this be?

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    Sounds like carb issues clogged strainers or jet you need to pull them out and give them a good cleaning. Also how old are your fuel lines they might need to be replaced try cracking the gas cap open a little bit while riding if that makes it better you have a clogged vent line. Those are a few do it yourself easy things to try before you pay some one to take a look pull your gas tank to and drain it out give it a little wash out with freash gas hope that helps

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    The problem is that I just rebuilt the carbs and checked the fuel lines by cleaning out the fuel selector. I am using the same gas that I left in the ski over the winter but I also used Stabile.

    Any other ideas?

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    probably bad gas. stabil is good but only for so long. the ethenol in U.S. gas doesn't help either. best thing to do is drain it and put fresh gas in it. run it threw at your own risk. just keep checking the water/fuel seperator filter for gunk and water.

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    Seafoam is a way better to put in gas that won't be used for a while and its cleans when you run it you can get it at advanced auto white can red writing I love the stuff but yeah Mibunkerking is right Ethenol sucks big time it's even worse if you do pre mix and let it sit. I believe ethenol attracks moisture when it seperates from the gas which will happen in about two weeks from sitting

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