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    xlt 1200 66pv

    just rebuilt the carbs and broke the exccelarator pump case when i was takeing it apart what to do now any help will be greatley appreciated thanks. 1999 xl limited

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    It's not like you need the accelerator pump anyway; most guys unhook it.

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    So just buy a stock stainless cover plate and install in stead of the eccelarator pump bracket and thats it, and what about the feul lines? just want to do it right its a bitch takeing in and out the pipe to get to the carbs. thanks again

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    Just to clarify..... Did you rebuild and go back to original stock settings, or did you change to different jetting?

    If you still have stock settings, then I believe that you will have a lean spot in the midrange which is PART of the reason why the accellerator pump is there in the first place.

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    just a thought, with the acc pump removed and the carbs rejetted to compinsate, you lose that low end, just on the throttle bog. very positive and instant throttle response. Mr OsideBill sells a neat little kit with the stainless cover,stainless bolts, and vaccum caps.

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    yes i just rebuild with new mukuni kit and left stock. the only other thing that has been done new stb engine and d-plat w/chip. I am open to any help the only reason i rebuilt was that they were already out. thanks again

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    If you went that far I would rejet the ski and tune it so as to avoid the dreaded midrange seizure thats been reported on the forums.

    Search the how to section for a thread by Fercho it will list the recommended jet settings listed for various builds.

    Lots of information on the site about "midrange seizure" put that in your search as well, it will help to understand the big picture.

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