I have seen a lot of posts with people asking questions about what kind of performance gains can they expect to see with enhancements such as intake grates, air filters, impellers, etc. However I have yet to see many replies and feedback from those that have done these enhancements to a VX110.
Well, here's my feedback.
I recently installed an R&D intake grate with pump shoe seal kit for my VX110 sport. I am happy with the results. The top speed gain is not huge (about 3mph at best) but I notice a big difference in handling. I am able to maintain a more steady speed in most ranges with less throttle than before. Acceleration is better also (not huge but noticeable difference).
I think it was worth the investment. Cost me about $250 for parts.
Two years ago, I installed a new air filter that attaches directly to the intake manifold. I noticed a slight improvement in power and acceleration. A low cost upgrade with modest gains in performance.
I am considering a new impeller also but that will cost another $250 plus labor ( I don't think I can install it myself). I am not sure it is worth the investment. I have heard it will add up to 2 mph top speed and low end acceleration, but I haven't heard of anyone actually getting that.