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    GPS Testing Tonight with Mods

    Ok so the water tonight was preety calm but had a bit of wind in my face.

    Ski is a 99. Fresh bottom end, Solas 16/20 (thanks do a drive failure) CV Carb Mod, Prok Flame Arrestors, Shredmaster and custom Billet Beach House Sponson Copies (will describe below). Best it would muster was 65.8 which is a pb for me...but would routinely go 65.5-.6 everytime and sit at that speed. According to my stock tach I do not even touch 7000 RPM. I still have not installed my cylinder heads b/c I aparently tore and O ring and I have no jet valve yet for the stinger mod. I probably should also mention that my prop is set at .010- .012. depending on where you measure. The drive has broken so many times from previous owners that the prop ate up the housing and there is no need for shims in there anymore...LOL

    Is the cylinder head really going to make a significant difference?

    Thanks to those people who sold me the shredmaster and sponsons. I honestly did not believe all the hype about doing these two mods. In my opinion the ultra 150 is a bit scary in stock form at high speeds, especially in the lake chop that I ride in. I willingly admit i was wrong about these two mods effectiveness. I cannot believe what a difference it makes. Cuts through the chop almost perfect and is predicatable. Previously I would have a hard time going 50 and not feeling out of control. Today I was going over 60 (in 1-2ft chop) many times and never felt like I wasn't actually driving the ski.

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    I would say the wear ring clearace is hurting you some. It should be more like .006. The stinger and head will be most noticable on the bottom end.
    Watch your plugs when you do the head to be sure your not too lean. With air and trim mods you should break 68 with ease.

    Lol I think I wrote that about the plate and sponsons in the first post in the mods thread.

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    What air and trim mods are you referring to? I know i've been contemplating buying the pump housing its just hard to swallow spending a few hundred dollars for .06 of clearance. As it sits it does not cavitate even if I stuff it from a dig.

    I can recall I read someone previously said that the tach should flash north of 7000 when you stuff it and basically hold. According to my tach i'm lucky if it reaches 6500 and creeps up very slowly. Is it possible that the prop is just too much for the motor without the extra compression.

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    The solas should turn 7k but keep in minde your stock tach reads in 250 rpm increments. You may also want to check to be sure your throttle is oppening fully. Raising the compression will help turn it faster.

    Look in the mods thread in my sig it is also stuck to the top of the 2 stroke performance section. There are write ups on both mods and quie a few others.

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