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    Needed: Stock popoff setting for 2001 GP1200R

    Hi folks,
    I've been perusing the list for this info and I'm seeing a variance of recommendations. I have a an almost stock 2001 GP1200R. Only upgrades this skis is getting are WaveEater clips, D plate and oil pump block off. Carb H/L tamper plugs and stock flame arrestor will remain intact.
    I'm cleaning up the carbs and checking popoff. Readings are sky high, in the neighborhood of 65+ psi, actually higher than my gauge scale can indicate. This is way higher than I've encountered with other ski brands. Yet, I find a thread that says stock Popoff should be 75 psi. Someone else recommends not to go below 50 psi due to dribbling. I see my popoff springs are currently gold 115g, and I'm considering droping to dull silver 95g to bring the pressure into a lower range, thinking 55 psi. Can anyone confirm what my stock popoff should be?

    Thank you,

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    IIRC a 115g gold spring and a 1.2 n&s is going to give you 76psi for pop off. If you change your N&S to 1.5's that would drop you to 55psi. or dropping your spring to a 95g dull silver spring would drop you to the mid 50's as well.

    I've never stuck with stock carb jetting but fairly certain you'd be fine dropping pop off into the 50's with no issues.

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    I have found that with a 1.2 N&S and 115 gram spring the pop-off averages at 82 PSI. There is no published data from the manufacturers, that I have found for the 1.2 N&S. I have come up with 82 PSI average from my own testing.

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