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    Tequila Specialty Stores in NJ

    For anyone in the NJ area:

    I'm big on tequila, but want to try different brands, good stuff though, like ultra anejo's. Lesser marketed and known brands with exceptional flavor.

    Are there any liquor stores in the tri state area that have a larger than normal tequila selection?


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    You could try some of the bigger liquor stores. They have some interesting tequila's at Buy-Rite Liquors in Red Bank, NJ. I don't know if it's "larger than normal" though. And yes, I'm have been a big tequila fan for over 15 years and like to try some new ones here and there.

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    WOW,I thought I was the only pussy that drank tequila,Mack your the manPeople think your odd because beer is not perferred choice, makes me bloated,I say CUERVO, it goes down real nice and always readly available

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    tequila is hardly pussy my friend, its like new age whisky. I have a bottle of patron myself, although i've found lunazul is a good cheaper alternative if you can find it, or if i'm broke i'll just drink some sauza blanco haha.

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    tell me about it Skyline, when im at a bar with friends its like they say "do you want an umbreller with that" shoot Tequila's the best, but I don't drink it straight up,any citrus soda will do not the mix to sour, I've only drank Quervo unless the waitress brings over something else, now Mescal.........

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    I'm 25, but I love to sip tequila (Patron Anejo) neat, or on the rocks. I'd like to venture away from the highly marketed brands like patron, don julio, cabo and expand my palate. lol drinking tequila straight will put hair on your chest! Never mix it, hardly the pussy choice

    Also i'm a big scotch/whiskey fan. Nothing better than a good glass of Macallan on a cold day.

    Never got into beer, and won't touch cuervo. Heard that stuff will make you go blind!

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