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    2003 Polaris 700 Freedom rear cylinder damage

    Ok guys, I'm new to this site and to PWC's but not new to 2t engines.
    I am helping a friend that has ZERO mechanical knowledge repair his ski
    and am having problems.
    The ski was originally by my friend and has been used only in freshwater.
    The engine has been fogged every year before it goes in storage
    and is used only between the months of June and October here in Michigan.
    I would estimate the hours on the ski to be 300 and the top end has never
    been done until last week.
    Now here's the story.
    Friend takes ski to the "stealer" due to the rear cylinder fouling plugs.
    They take the heads off and see rear piston and head damaged.
    Stealer says need's engine replacement for $2400.00
    I tell my friend to pull the ski and I would check it out.
    I pulled a compression check and had 120/65 fnt/rr.
    Pulled down to the case and found the lower end including the rods to look
    normal with no sign of excessive heat or any other visible damage.
    the front cylinder/piston/head looked to be in good condition, all reeds still
    intact with no visible signs of chipping or cracking.
    The rear cylinder head and piston had heavy pock marks and the piston dome
    was flaked off and the top ring exposed. The lower ring was broken in 4 places
    but was still going for the ride with the piston. Piston skirt was still intact and
    surprisingly did not grenade.
    The cylinder had slight gouges
    from the broken ring but cleaned up perfectly by honing.
    I replaced both pistons/rings and the top end gasket kit and the rear cylinder head
    and ran for about 15 minutes then checked compression at 120fnt/118rr.
    My friend then picked it up, put about 1 hour on it said it ran the best it has run
    in years and all was well. This weekend he put about an hour on it ( ran flawless)
    then he hit a big wake, the engine stalled and then his battery was dead.
    He was towed in, 10 miles at about 15 mph.
    So I get the thing back and find the cylinders loaded with water and tear down
    the top end again to find the rear new piston and head damaged like before.
    Any ideas ?? Rear crank seal ?
    Here are some pics with 2 hours on it.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Still trying to post pic.
    How do you post ??

    [img] pg[img] ??

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    scroll down when you post to manage attachments,or find the tab that says go advanced.water could have been from it single carb or dual??

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    Yes it was water logged due to towing.
    This has a single carb and seemed to run pretty good.
    I am going to try some propane at the crank seals to
    see if it get a sudden idle flare.

    Thanks for the tip on posting pics !!

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    i'd guess the rear bearing on the crank is coming apart,usually happens to the front cylinder on the 700's

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