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    96 SL900 Project

    hey guys im new to the site but have been riding for 11 years now. my dad bought this ski brand new and i loved it so much i bought it off him this past spring finally after years of convincing lol we also have a 96 slx780pro model. but i have a few questions
    wanting to modify it a little bit and get a little more top end as well as a little more power. it has 145 hrs on it. i just bought a R&D intake grate for it this past weekend, im looking into the solas X impeller im curious what pitch to get for top speed (i dont wana die off the line but ive read this impeller is good all around) , second im having my polaris dealer redo the carbs with new reeds and get it all back to new. as well as get the individual intake cones like on the pro780 (1996) instead of the one filter for all 3 carbs.

    what else do u guys have on your skis and a store to buy stuff from would be nice?

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    opps ment 785pro for the other ski. also the tech is installing a waterbox, anyone know why i cant find any parts on hotseat performance? i read everywhere about them and there good for polaris everything but i cant find a watercraft link on there site?

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    which ski are you modding?

    is your ski a 96 or 97? pro 785s came out in 97 96 they where just called slx

    polaris does not makewater craft any more.. that is why you will not see it on hot seat.. but you stull can get used aftermarket parts easy

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    im modding the sl900. hell of a machine from the factory but like my car im never sattisfied lol. any links to get these parts i see on here waterbox, carbs, reeds, ect like i said i already bought the R and D intake grate.. also i wana convert to the individual filters for each carb instead of the one big filter the 900 comes with

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    Im working on a 900 too. I went with the uni filters, and some 3" mkII adapters from ebay to get rid of the long air cleaner. Im putting a pisser on tapped into the water rail now. Good luck with your build.

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