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    '98 XPL Pump Cavitating

    Last year my XPL was cavitating horribly. So I got a new wear ring for it. While installing I also found that the drive shaft bearings were wasted. I replaced bothe bearings and seals along with the wear ring. Now it is cavitating from trimmed all the way down to about 3/4 up. The last 1/4 till all the way up it's fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    You haven't sealed the pump to the pump shoe properly or more likely the pump shoe is leaking between the shoe and hull.This is a crappy job to fix it as it is awkward and tuff to get out.

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    i don't want to sound stupid but check the grate and see if it broken. Im sure you have looked at it but just incase

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