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    Question Ultra 150 freshly rebuilt, bogging down and won't top out!

    I have a 1999 ultra 150. I just rebuilt the motor. It has been board .5 over. Other than that it is completely stock! I put a 50:1 mix in the first tank. It was a little sluggish on take off and topped out at about 50-53mph. Before the rebuild the ski was much more peppie. I thought it was just the extra oil in the gas but on the second tank of straight 93 octaine it ran the same way! What could be causing this? I don't know exactly how fast the ski tops out at ( I only rode it on extremely choppy water) but I've heard anywhere from 60-78 mph (yes that's quite a big difference) but I'm pretty sure it's saposed to run faster than 50!

    Thanks for all your info!!!

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    Did it hav steel sleaves in it? I hope so otherwise someone just screwed your cylinders. How does the compression reading look?

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