I have a ? on the wr on the 96gtx, ok i have the garden hose hooked up in the back, i turn on the engine and turn on the water. I took the WR off the stem to the waterbox, should there be water coming out of the bottom on the WR? I have the lines hooked up just like it states in the seadoo manual. Reason im questioning this is because the ski bogs on the bottom end when you hit it, and then it runs out and tops out at about 6500 or so rpms. The boat has had a complete fuel system overhaul including rebuilding both carbs and the low speed adjuster is set a lil over 1 turn out on both and the high speed is closed. Compression is 145 in both cylinders and the plugs are brand new and wires clipped back. Raves are rebuild. When i took the WR apart there was a lil water on the bottom of the bellow and the clamp or lack of was corroded real bad and all that was left was rust. Are these things suppost to act like a JetWorks valve? I run a JetWorks on my limited 96xp so im not familiar with stock WR.