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    Whats Your Thoughts (Battery IN /OUT)


    I just thought I would pass this along to see what you guys think of this and maybe we can learn from it.

    I have a 2001 GTX RFI 85hrs, last season as I was just coming to the end ,I noticed that my 12 volt low warning indicator was coming up. So took battery out, put ski to bed for the season.(winterized)

    This season woke the ski out of bed (dewinterized) put a new battery in and headed off to the lake, I got a days riding in, when on came the 12 volt low warning.

    Strange I thought, so, I done my research on the site (thanks everyone it is amazing what you learn on here)

    It all pointed to fuses or rectifier or stator, so I checked all fuses all looked good, orderd myself a new rectifier, from the dealer, and put it in, back to the lake, same thing, days worth of riding 12 volt low warning again.

    So I thought next would be the stator, not something I would take on myself so down to the dealer with the ski I go.

    So here is where I am a little confused. I drop the ski off, tell them all that I have done, they say they will do a check on everything, and give me a call back.

    Couple hours later I get the's your rectifier they say........are you sure I ask, because I just replaced it.

    They say yes we ran some checks and all points to the rectifier. Then they asked a few question.

    1. When you took the ski home before you replaced the rectifier did you recharge the battery while it was still on the ski..... YES was my reply

    2. Did you diconnect the battery when you replaced the retifier.......NO was my reply

    There is the problem they say, first you must NEVER charge your battery while still hooked up to the ski because it will fry electrical parts. Plus anytime you replace anything electrical you must always diconnect the battery.

    Call me stupid, dumb ass, whatever, I really did not know this was a problem to do it the way I was.

    For years at the end of the season I will hook up a battery to a 1.2 amp trickle tender all through the off season and never remove the battery from the ski, I even thought I was being smart getting smart connectors put on to my battery so I could charge it without removing it.

    I guess lesson learned, but whats your thoughts, on this, and how many of you dont take the battery out in the off season.

    Boy was that a long winded story,

    Thanks in advance for reading and your thoughts.

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    I leave my battery in the ski over winter but when I charge it I disconnect the plug from the top of the black box so I dont fry the mpem. its a lot easier to do that than take the battery out.

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