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    Removing jet pump...

    I am in the process of completely rebuilding a 96 SP and everything is now off the sea doo except for the jet pump... The manual calls for a puller which I don't have... Is there a way to remove the jet pump from there because it seems like the sealant is on really tight!!! :S

    After inspecting the pump, when I go to reinstall it on the sea doo, do I have to reseal it with a sealant or it's now replaced by a gasket?


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    You can build a puller to pull the pump. You can also take a 2x4 and use the exit nozzle to drill some holes in it and get some longer bolts and pull it that way or strap it to the trailer and hook trailer to truck. Back it up to a tree and use a come-a-long to pull it out. I know it sounds like a redneck way but I broke my puller and had to do it one time. Yes you need to seal the pump back up when you put it back. Use some weather strip foam or the neoprene seal where the pump sits in the shoe and some silicone around the water inlet and the siphon fittings

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    weird I just unbolted mine and rocked it until it came off.

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    i just giggled it a lil till it cam popping out at me...both my skis....

    yes redo the silicon sealant!

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