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    Anyone want to help?

    Long story short, there's something wrong with my ski, I cant really get any info from the guys around here , so after a lot of searching, I'm thinking my cat may be the problem. I ordered a d-plate, chip, and efi controller today, and hope to attempt to get them on this weekend.

    So my question is, is there anyone around the Baltimore area willing to lend a helping hand to an amature? If you can thatd be awesome, and send me a pm, and ill give you my #



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    Im not a yamaha guy.. but that d-plate is really easy. I think its a matter of six bolts or so and that section of the exhaust pipe is right at the top and easy to get to.
    I dont know anything about the efi controller however....
    Post up in the yamaha two stroke section and im sure people can walk you through it.

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    ok well i think i may have just found the problem...I was about to pull the exhaust off, and for some reason i decided to unscrew the three knobs were the plug wires go into the electrical box, and the first one I unscrewed, the one on the left (the front cylinder) pulled right out.

    My guess is when whoever replaced the plugs/wires before i bought it, didnt do it right and thats why I wasnt getting full power?

    So I looked for a way to get into that box, and I have no idea how. Do I have to get someone professional to do it?

    Think this was my problem?

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    the electric box is held on with 4 bolts once you remove them it is like 12 bolts to open the box up it is easy to do yourself why did you order the EFI controller you need to read this

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    Are you shit**g me? I couldn't find
    Much info on that and i talked to a gpr guy and he said I'd need it because I would be to lean and would blow my cylinders. Oh well, I'll just set it aside for when I do my 1390 this winter.

    Do I need that chip for the ECM?

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    ok, well this am, i took apart the electrical box, and put the plug wire back into the coil? started it up on the trailer, seemed good, so i took it out, and at first, it was great, i idled around for about 5 minutes or so, then punched it, jumped right up on a plane and took off, seemed great.

    I shot across the river to a lagoon were i was going to open it up a few times on the smooth water to make sure it was all good. When i got across into the smooth water, full throttle it was good until i hit a wake, then it acted like it was in the first place, engine power dieing, not over 35 mph (stock speedo) or 5k rpms.

    So i killed the engine, took the seat off and looked around, everything seemed normal. So i started it back up, and buzzed around in the lagoon a little longer, and at first it seemed good, then it would die off again.

    So i pulled up to the beach, got off, took the seat off, and i could see smoke coming from, what looked like the seams of the rear cylinder/head, and things felt real hot. So I putted back across to the ramp after letting it cool. Packed up, and headed home.

    When i got home, i flushed it out, washed it, and put it in the garage to cool off. Just now, went out and ran a compression test, all 3 were almost exactly even, (pics below, cylinders from front to rear in order).

    Started it back up, and held the odometer button to see if there were any codes, first it said 00, then quickly flashed to 48, then quickly right to 01.

    48-Incorrect Data Transmission

    So now im stuck, and have no idea what to do, I have a d-plate coming this week, thats the last thing i can think of trying?




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    sorry to hear about your issues, i know how frustrating it can not 100% sure on where your compression should be, but the fact that they are even is good...i dont think you are low, but someone more knowledgeable than I can confirm that.

    This is just a thought, and may not be even close to right, but is it possible that when you hit a bump you knock something lose, where it cause air to get into the gas line, therefor causing that condition? Again, just throwing something out there, not sure if thats the issue...good luck!

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    Sounds like your cat conv has failed. it'll bounce arround in the pipe and slow flow.

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    how can i fix that? other than installing my d plate?

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