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ID:	205076Hello to all,
1st off thanks to everyone for helping me on my last post you guys are the best. I need some more help as I have 2 issues now.
1. I have taken my ski to the dealer about the word sensor coming up on my display and code P1517 compass out of range. Others on here told me that when that code happens you have to take it to the dealer where they hook buds up to disable the depth finder feature and RE-enable the VTS trim control. Okay so the dealer did that and when he was done the error message SENSOR still comes up on the display. I asked the dealer and he said part of what he did fixed the VTS it works now the other part the error message SENSOR wont’ go away. I asked him if he tried to clear the code p1517 (which is still there BTW) which should in my opinion make the error message go away and he said he tried be was unable to. He said he thinks something else is wrong. Please advise me here on this issue as I am sure there are others on here who have had the same/similar things happen about this. ? Are follows: What can I do to make the error message SENSOR & P 1517 code to go away? Could it be the dealer does not know how to clear the code with buds (I think the mechanic is new)? Please advise me with any help here thanks.
The 2nd issue is a code that appeared the other day then went away which is P0231
The code is now back for sure as the ski will not start now. So my ?’s to you are this when/how soon does the fuel pump go bad? Has anyone on here had there fuel pump go bad and what hours? What can I do to fix this can someone on here please advise me of a manual similar to Haynes that could show/tell me what to do to change the fuel pump please advise me thanks? Any ideas on what can cause a fuel pump to go bad? Any troubleshooting ideas or tests to do besides the 1 mentioned above? Thanks for your help and sorry the post is so long I did not want to do 2 posts thought it would be better to do 1 post with the 2 issues in it hope that is acceptable on here if not sorry I am new here.