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    01 Virage TX Electrical Probs

    Got a Virage TX that will turn over but is not firing. I tested the trigger Coil, and the resistance went from a high of 250K ohms to 100 ohms for each wire(Green,Red,Purple) as I turned the flywheel. Everything I've read indicated that the high should have been much closer to an open circuit, and the low should have been below 25 ohms. Anyone have any experience that would suggest that the stator is bad?

    The other readings from the stator were good. Black to engine Ground: .3ohms, Black to Purple: 5.7, Yellow to Red/Purple: .8

    Ignition coil measurements were nominal as well, getting .5 ohms from Black/White to Yellow/Brown,Black/Blue,Black/Green, and the resistance from sparkplug wires to ground also good.

    Thanks in advance....

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    Number one thing - battery must be strong. Voltage while cranking must be over 10.6 volts, or you will not have spark.

    The exact ohm readings you get while testing the stator Hall Effect sensors depends on the brand and model of multi-meter you are using. Your readings sound fine.

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