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    04 RXP Sensor light Code P1517 Need Help/Advice on Removal Please Read

    Hello to all,
    1st off thanks to everyone for helping me on my last post you guys are the best. I need some more help as I have 2 issues now.
    I got advise on here what the issue is and what to do for the code P1517 (Compass Out Of Range) however I am still having a big problem. I have taken my ski to the dealer about the word sensor coming up on my display and code P1517 compass out of range. Others on here told me that when that code happens you have to take it to the dealer where they hook buds up to disable the depth finder feature and RE-enable the VTS trim control. Okay so the dealer did that and when he was done the error message SENSOR still comes up on the display. I asked the dealer and he said part of what he did fixed the VTS it works now the other part the error message SENSOR wont’ go away. I asked him if he tried to clear the code p1517 (which is still there BTW) which should in my opinion make the error message go away and he said he tried be was unable to. He said he thinks something else is wrong. Please advise me here on this issue as I am sure there are others on here who have had the same/similar things happen about this. ? Are follows: What can I do to make the error message SENSOR & P 1517 code to go away? Could it be the dealer does not know how to clear the code with buds (I think the mechanic is new)? Please advise me with any help here thanks.

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    David you may get more help if you post in the right section. You keep posting in the Motec section. This section is for guys running a aftermarket stand a lone ecu. Try posting in the SeaDoo section under Performance or General Section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1300r View Post
    David you may get more help if you post in the right section. You keep posting in the Motec section. This section is for guys running a aftermarket stand a lone ecu. Try posting in the SeaDoo section under Performance or General Section.
    Hello there,
    sorry I am new here I see what I did now I did however post in the other section you mentioned above after I saw my mistake let me know if its not there as I will post it again thanks.

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    Hi David can you tell me what fixed your problem as I have the exact set of problems on a 2006 RXP, sensor and P1517 and no VTS operation

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    Hello there,
    If I remember correctly the fix was to go to dealer (or someone with buds computer hook up system) and they have to enable/check the VTS and DISABLE the Compass check mark on the VTS. That fixed mine however what pissed me off is they never found out why/what made THIS HAPPEN IN THE 1ST PLACE..... So good luck with that one as I don't know. But that is how I fixed it STEALERSHIP charged me a shit load just to uncheck the compass and check the correct one (vts) so it would work right again. SHIT DESIGN if you ask me cost me A SHIT LOAD OF MOENY FOR WHAT MFers........

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    This issue only happens with 2004-2006 skis with VTS, as they used an MPEM in conjunction with the ECU. It usually happens after the battery has been disconnected for a long time.

    The MPEM has "settings" in memory for compass, lake temp sensor, VTS, speedo. These are set in the MPEM memory, and the internal memory mechanism loses these settings after sitting with no power. These are normally programmed when the ski is built. When the ski is powered up, the MPEM looks for the items checked in its settings. Your setting for Compass is currently checked "ON" (the default setting when the MPEM loses its memory), so when the ski powers up, the MPEM looks for a compass, can't find it, so it throws the P1517 fault. The VTS setting is checked "OFF", so when the MPEM is powered up, it doesn't look for it and turn it on.

    The fix is simple and takes like two minutes. Need to hookup to BUDS or Candoopro and check the right boxes in MPEM memory. You can do this yourself by buying the Candoopro system right here in the PWCPerformance store.

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    Hello there,
    Well that would have been nice if you would have told me that a long time ago as my post was from a long time ago....... How much is the candoopro system cost? Why was I not told you could do this from Sea doo or the dealer as I asked them this?

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    Sorry, if I had seen this back in 2010, I would have helped you out. The dealers don't know about this, as they have never been told by Sea Doo that this is a problem. There are a lot of issues that Sea Doo never tells their dealers, dirty little secrets like the bad ceramic washers in the SC's, bad valves in the 2004-2006 215 HP engines, etc. This is why these forums are valuable.

    The Candoopro system for DIY users like yourself is $399. With it, you can do all your own work, check and clear fault codes, reset the settings like VTS, TPS reset, reset the Maintenance warning light, program your own DESS keys, etc. It's great for those that prefer to work on their skis.

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    Hello there,
    What sort of problems are you referring to about the valves be more specific..... I have heard of the washer problems but not the valves problem. What's the problem the valves are non adjusting hydraulic valves...? When/if they go bad what will the ski start doing?

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    The exhaust valves on 04-05-early06 models were prone to corroding/weakening and because of the design of the valve the head can snap off and make a mess of your motor.
    A lot of people fix this by upgrading to 07+ valve which are a stronger design or going to lightweight Ferrea or Supertech valves.

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