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    parting 650 and 750 motors

    I have several cylinders, heads, and bottom case halves for the 650 and 750 motors. I have a bunch of other parts as well. Just let me know what you're looking for. Selling cheap. I just want to clear out the parts shelf in the shop. PM me with what you want and your offer. Don't be afeared of hurting my fealings. I'll usually at least fire back a counter offer if you're too low. Worse case I'll say "no thanks". I can email picks, just send me your email address. Happy boating!!

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    How much for a stator. Will the 750 stators fit the 96 780's?

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    It will fit, but I just sold my last stator. FYI, the part numbers are different, but I'm not sure why. They are the same stator. I just put a 750 stator in my 95 780 and they were identical. Works great!

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    Do you have a running 750? If so how much?

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    I have an entire boat that I haven't parted yet with a running motor. Not sure if I want to part that one yet though.

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    still have a ton of parts. Just parted out another sl 750. Several good 650 piston/cylinder/head combos as well. PM me with what you need and I'll get back to you. Also have 2 good hulls.

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    Do you have a good crank? I've been given a '93 SL750 that had a trashed crank and I'm thinking about trying to bring that boat back to life. Aside from cracks in the seat vinyl and the hideous pink hood this ski is pristine.


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