Hi all. I was referred to this site by a good friend. I'm shopping for a used PWC and have a few questions.

I found a 95 SeaDoo HX in my area. Seller is asking $1250. I have some concerns that I'd like to get some input on if any of you could be of some friendly help.

First, I don't know much about PWC's. If anyone could shoot me a list of some common things to checkout, I would greatly appreciate it.

Second, the exterior looks well kept and clean from the pics. The engine raises some questions though. What I know so far is it's been bored .5 over, I'm assuming that's .5mm, it has a hotrods crankshaft. The seller says it runs a little hot and doesn't know why, and suggested it might need jetted. He doesn't mention any carb work done in the ad, so that maybe true ?

If it just needs some carb tuning or cleaning or whatever I'm fine with that, I work on things pretty regularly just never one of these things yet.

If everything checks out ok, I was going to offer him $1000 cash.

I really appreciate any helpful info.