i have a 02 gp800r and out of no where the acceleration seemed to get worse and worse pretty fast. however the ski still hits its top speed once it gets going. but once it jumps out of the water and slows down it takes a while to get back up to speed. it just to just jump back up real fast. this loss of acceleration happend all with in about 15 to 20 minutes

some quick facts about it.
1) Last year it sank since then i have put 15-20 hours on it.

2) the wear ring was replaced with a spar my buddy had and the impeller and wear ring are in good shape

3) ski has 192 hours on it and the engine is 100% original.

i check out the pump to make sure nothing was in it and that the tolerances were ok. i didnt do a compression check becuase i didn't have a gauge with me. i can hear the power valves cycling.

im thinking its could be a carb issue but im thinking its not likely with how fast this happened. the other thing im thinking is maybe a power valve is stuck open.

i want to know what you guys think before i start tearing into to stuff i dont need to be touching.