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    2007 stx12f engine removal

    has anyone pulled a motor on this unit ? i will be pulling mine soon fifty hrs on my unit and it shit its pants allready another quality product from kawi ...

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    Pulled a 2003 12F

    I pulled my 12F engine last year due to a leak in the hull thru bearing bolt leaking directly into my air intake and gumming up my engine oil into white goop 4 or 5 times (so 5 oil changes each time).... I've ridden in tons of saltwater, taken 15 feet of air in Daytona, swamped it 3 times (once COMPLETELY underwater in the Chesapeake) and put it back in. I rode it this last weekend and itís got 165 hours on it now. I would have to say in Kawi's defense itís lasted longer than I would have imagined...

    Any advice you need or tips for pulling the engine just ask....

    First tip: GET A BOTTLE JACK TO SPREAD THE FIBERGLASS A BIT!!! This is a HUGE help when used to spread the opening over the engine to assist in getting the intake/exhaust off the engine. Also a must have to remove the primary exhaust box!!

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