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Thread: WOT bog

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    WOT bog

    I have a 2001 1200 SUV. bought it with 72 hours, currently has 202. Two tanks of gas ago I noticed
    that at 43 mph and up, it would act as if it out of gas. Now it is really bad. it will run strong at 49 to 51
    for 20 to 30 seconds and then bogs. Even the sound of the engine tune changes.Changed the
    following: plugs, fuel filter, some of the hoses that looked questionable. Removed fuel pickup in
    tank and cleaned throughly and with very low psi, blew all lines clear. Again, unit runs awesome
    at idle and up to 40. Just at full throttle.
    Any help would be great before I take to the dealer.
    One last thing, compression is 118, 118, 119.

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    sounds like a possible carb problem, the carbs have small filters in them that get plugged up, have to remove & disassemble them to fix the prob & rebuild them if you havent done it in a while, pm oside bill he is the carb god & also runs a suv ski also

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