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    Question gp 1200 starting weird

    1200gp 97-- when i go driving my jet as it is cold engine, it starts right away and i can run it as long and hard as i want and it works fine.. if i stop it like 30sek and start, it fires up right away and works fine.. but.. if it is stopped like five minutes and i start it.. it has a little hesitation to rev right like 5sec it hesitates allthetime.. then it starts to take rpmīs and works just fine... what that could be? engine is rebuilt last year and carbs too.. and it has worked fine after rebuilt.. i think that proublem is getting worse allthetime.. its innoing when fishing and try to move a little and motor just hesitates.. any suggestion?

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    It may just be water in the pipe.Waterbox will fill up with water if your at a low idle or stoped.You could run a jetworks valve if thats the case.

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    i dont think it is that because it havent done that allways.. i have read lots off topics here, but not found any help...

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    Fishing? On a GP1200?? More power to ya..

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    I have had this same problem for a while now. I have started several threads on this but no solution yet. Do you use a primer? Mine started when I installed a primer kit. Might be just a coincidents. My carbs were rebuilt about that time also.

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    Gp is good when fishing on no so windy areas.. no need to scare all stones in water..easy to move whit paddle and so on.. i have used to it.. and like it iam not fat and clumsy.. so itīs easier to me. (not meaning you are). We got so small fishes in finland, so i dont need to pull sharks in gp

    Back to proublem.. Budman: i have not installed primer because it has allways started good whitout it..

    I was driving my jet like 500km trip whit my frends, and i think in harbours i might do too "heavy" gas and oil mix.. so yesterday i put in my tank pure gas like 12litr.. it still smokes a lot so its not too light mixture.. But, now i got no starting issues on warm or cold engine at all starts and runs great i middiedly.. so i think my proublem was too much oil mixed in gas.. now on dry land mixing is easier and i do better mixture and hope that proublem is solved whit that..

    I have used like 3% mixture.. on the trip it might go like 6 or even higher.. thats because never know how much gas will go in and oil need to be first in tank.. and distanges are here so big that gastank need to be extra fully.. .. i think i do like 2.5% mixture now.. or 2%.. i dont mind if it smokes a little.. when itīs getting oiled right iam happy..

    I report if that will work today as smooth as yesterday.. if not, the proublem is still there.. hope not!

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