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    grease points on a 95 slt 750

    on the pto cover it has a label that says grease under cover. to cheak the manual. i don't have a manual and cant find one . i took off the cover i cant see what i am to grease help

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    It means the shroud covering drive shaft. Loosen the clamp then you can turn/flip it over to see the grease point.

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    ok is there a grease zirk i cant see . where does the grease go ? i am soooooo confused

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    I think there are TWO grease points on your model, if you have the solid metal drive shaft PTO coupler. Both are not Zerk type, but the needle type. They require a needle type tip on your grease gun.

    One is on the top of the through-hull bearing housing. Second photo shows two through-hull bearings. One has the original needle grease fitting, the other has a Zerk type fitting.

    The needle type fittings look like a hollow hex bolt head. Often they are clogged up with old grease and gunk, so you may need to unscrew them to clean them out with solvent.

    Many guys on here remove the needle type fittings, and install standard Zerk style grease fittings. Make sure you get the correct thread.

    The second grease fitting is on the rotating drive shaft coupler right behind the engine. There should be a plastic shroud cover over the coupler, held in place with a single hose clamp at the rear end.

    First photo shows the coupler, the plastic coupler cover, and another through-hull bearing.

    To access the coupler, you loosen the clamp, and rotate the cover so the gap is facing upwards. Now you can see the coupler with the drive shaft. If the grease fitting is not visible, you may need to bump the starter button until the grease fitting on the coupler is facing upwards.

    The best grease to use is Lithium base marine grade waterproof bearing grease.
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    thank you this is the first time i have seen this type of zirk thanks for the help

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