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    1997 SLT 780 What if I Premix with oil pump still in tact

    I brought my 1997 SLT 780 to a guy who works out of his house on them. He told me that I could premix my fuel, leave the oil pump as is and be OK. If there is no more oil in the oil tank will this cause damage. I really dont care about the oil pump working again in the future. I am not that mechanical and it looks like a pain in the but to install the blocking plate in place of the oil pump.

    Thanks for any help

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    Its not all that difficult to block off, the pump has internal parts that get lubricated through the injector sys.& can get dry & seize & cause problems. Also be sure to put caps on the injector nipples.

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    Will these problems actually damage the engine?

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    Is there a problem with the oil injection system?

    Why not clean it up and run the oil injection?

    This isn't a SeaDoo - the Polaris/Fuji oil pumps actually work

    You will use about 1/2 the oil overall using injection as you will burn with pre-mixing. The oil pump is variable rate, and it reduce oil flow at low engine RPM.

    At full throttle, you have plenty of oil flow. At low RPM, you have less exhaust smoking and less oil consumption.

    The main thing is to replace all the oil hoses, use a new oil filter, and make sure the clamps are properly installed.

    When you remove the carburetors to rebuild them (and they really should be rebuilt with genuine Mikuni rebuild parts), pressure flush the oil injection nipples with a little solvent (carb cleaner will do) to make sure they are not clogged.

    Run 50:1 pre-mix for the first coupler of gas tankfuls, until you can verify the oil tank level is slowly dropping.

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