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Thread: Oil in the hull

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    Oil in the hull

    After going for ride I find a little oil in the bottom of the hull. It isn't too much, maybe a capfull, but it is always there. Am I leakng somewhere? If so where do I start to look?
    Thanks as always

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    you might want to give some info about the ski year make etc if you are serious about getting a real answer with such a vague post.

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    Oh ya, sorry. It is a 2004 800xlt. The little oil pool is at the bottom of the hull infront of the engine.
    I hope this helps

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    Well your 2 cycle oil holding tank is in the front with the gas tank see if it is leaking, if you have over filled the oil tank it will probally leak out in the front of the ski you better check the oil feed lines to the carbs if one came off you will find oil in the hull and you will seize the engine remember water mixed with just a small amount of oil in the hull will look like all oil when you look at it. I would not run the ski till i made sure the oil lines are secure to the carbs I lost a motor on a 2004 xlt because the line came off cylinder #3

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    thanks, I don't even know enough to know where to look for the lines to the carbs. I will take a good look tonight to see if I can find any lines off of anything.

    thanks again

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    Sandy get the service/repair manual for your ski($10-15 cd-rom or download) you'll see the exploded views and tons of info. After studying the manual page to page,you'll know where everything is, oil lines are a must know on a 2 -stroke

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