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    2007 with 150 hours....would you be worried?

    Hello to all-

    I'm thinking about buying an rxt w/150 hours on it. No S/C rebuild or anything major, just serviced, stored inside and overall taken care of very nicely. Would you stay away from this or jump on it? BTW it's an 07 for about 6k


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    check the sc....look at the lifting hooks on the motor...take it for a spin....if all good?....up to you....get a feel for the seller.

    The owner did put some hrs on it though.

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    Charger may be getting tired, but always worth a look. STD ones will last forever, but may well have the Ceramics in there, so worth a checking to see if they have been changed, and at what hrs.

    07's are a good ski if looked after.

    Only beware of smoke screens and mirrors. Get someone to look it over for you if possible if unsure.

    There are plenty of good ones out there, so use initiative.!

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    Does the 07 have ceramics? What would the lift hooks tell me...if the motor was out? Thanks

    BTW - If you had the choice - would go with an 05 w/60hrs or the 07 w/150 for almost the same money?


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    If it was the green and black '05...hands down the baddest looking ski ever built. yes....the '07 came with ceramics.

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    Nope - it's the red/gray/black one....but the black and green does look good though!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by VaRedneck View Post
    If it was the green and black '05...hands down the baddest looking ski ever built. yes....the '07 came with ceramics.

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    if the 05 was bought and started being used in 05 thats over five years with very little use each season with the motor just sitting around rusting away from the inside if not correctly looked after

    id check out both but at least you know the 07 has been running fine so far its really a matter of checking everything and crossing your fingers buying second hand i think

    cheers trev

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