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    Colder engine ,Oil , Intercooler more speed !

    im looking to upgrade my 2009 yamaha sho...taping into the pump like on the r&d 660-18001 .. 1 goes for the intercooler other for hooking up the intercooler... More water in More water out right ? I want to add 1/2 line in,.... then make the 1/2 exit line a 3/4 right out the side.... Not sure what all the tee with the bypass...... pls explain to me...ty mike

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    Research this kit before making your purchase. I have the kit on my ski and I believe this engine runs better (in my conditions) with the thermostat installed. If you ride in extremely hot water you may benefit from the R n D kit you mention.

    There are kits available on the forum that utilize the thermostat and improve cooling.

    I believe the tee you mention will bypass the connection between the IC cooling and the engine cooling.

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