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    looking for first ski

    Hey guys how's everyone? First time member here looking for my first ski. My name is Nick, 22yrs old from southern CT. I work full time and also am finishing up college next spring (finally). I've always been an avid motorcyclist riding (don't bash) Honda CBR's. I've gone through3 of them in 3 years due to different things from buddies wrecking them to the latest 09 being stolen. I live with my pops in a condo so luckily no rent just my car and insurance. My parents hated me riding bikes and that's why I'm thinking about crossing over to the waterworld.

    I've got a budget of about 5-8, i have no problem getting financed due to very good credit. I will be primarily riding in lakes but might occasionally go to long island sound. I've been looking at the 05-08 RXT's primarily but also the RXP's.

    From what I've read for open water the RXT is the way to go due to the larger platform to handle the waves better otherwise the RXP is perfect in lakes. I will be towing buddies for tubing and also taking the girlfriend out so only a 2 seater is probably necessary. I'm a DIY'r myself so maintenance a well as mods will be done by myself minus sending the SC to Jerry(i think wa sthe name) for the rebuild.

    Any advice towards a ski would be recommended. I've been on about 4-5 ski's down in myrtle beach but never owned one. Anyone local or in CT that wouldn't mind looking over a ski or 2 with me to let me know if its alright? Does CT require a boaters license if your over 22 btw?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Welcome to GH! Powerslave is selling his stage 3 RXP. check the classifieds...hes in your area

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    hey airborneexp thanks for the quick response. I noticed his ski for sale last night. Ski engines are just like cars though, the more internal work you do the less reliable they get correct? As an outsider he looks like a wrencher himself and extremely anal with his toys (huge positive) just a little nervous about such a extremely tuned ski's reliability maybe I'm wrong.

    Is a ski like that more prone to breakdowns or issues? When it's time to do maintenance and the SC overhaul at 100hr (he's at 55 now) will it be alot more than a stock sc overhaul?

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    Most of the skis on this site are going to be modified, and people, including myself, would be lying if they said that they didnt ride their ski hard. Craigslist and ebay are the best places to look for a ski IMO. A used 06+ stock or stage1 rxp would be ideal for you. Stage one would be a big plus. It would save you some money down the road. Stage one is all bolt ons.

    Modifying them does affect reliability to a degree. More boost and more rpm will eventually cause the engine to wear out faster. thats a given. Bolt on mods are harmless. Obviously, when the engine has been apart and the person is running higher rpms, its a different level of modification.

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    Send a PM to Joe Stang. He is local and he has a good network of buying and selling skis. If theres any solid deals in our area, he will know.

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    $5-8K budget probably gets you into a 2007 RXT maybe a 2008. If you plan on towing people, legally you have to have the 3 seater. If you plan on riding a passenger a lot, she is going to be a much happier on the RXT. If you are looking for the max speed, the RXP will win, but the market is going 3 seaters, and down the road, you will probably find an easier time selling the RXT.

    55 hours is nothing on a stock ski, as long as the SC washers were changed to metal.

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    i'll look him up thanks man.

    zone 5, powerslave told me about that tow rule, it's kinda bs but its the law i guess :/ do you guys ever by chance not follow that rule?

    BTW does CT require a boaters license for PWC over the age of 18? I don't have mine yet.

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    love that ad. 70 mph at 7700 RPM, stock.

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    more like 67mph via gps at 8k on flat water lol

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