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Thread: Pee Hole???

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    Pee Hole???

    Does the 2000 Genesis have a pee hole to know if you are pumping water though the engine??

    I know it's a basic question... but I didn't notice one while working on it.

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    Anyway... I couldn't find one while working on it last night... so I'm going to say no it doesn't.

    Has anyone added one? If so... where would the best place to tap it in at? I was going to tap it before the pop off. If anyone has an objection with that location... let me know.

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    Pee hole = pisser

    Lots of threads discussing pissers

    Not stock on the Genesis.

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    I'll do a search on "Pisser."

    If the weather holds out... I should take it on it's maiden voyage in a few hours.

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