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    07 215 rxp throttle body question

    My ski has been having a random problem lately where it wants to beep and throw an oil code. I think the code was P1520. Anyways, I went ahead and just got a new pressure sensor, since they are cheap enough, to see if that fixes it. I installed the pressure sensor today and had to remove the throttle body to get to it. When I was re-installing the throttle body I noticed the bolts wouldn't seem to fully tighten. They just got snug and then kept spinning and not getting any tighter. Is this normal for the throttle body bolts? I've never removed it before so I just want to make sure that's how they are designed.

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    Doesn't sound good. the inserts sound as if they have crossed, or come loose.

    The TB mates up with a rubber seal, but do tighten for sure.

    I hear there is a place in US that you can buy insert repair kits, but I guess someone will chime-in here.

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    Damm, they must of been already like that then, because there is no way I did it. I started all of them by hand and they didn't even get that tight at all. Is it common for the inserts to come loose?

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