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    2002 GP1200R Powervalves Length Issue

    I am currently doing my top end on my 1200R and I ordered new WSM powervalves for it since one stock one broke. My issue is, the sleeve is a little longer on the WSM valve compared to the stock valve. WSM only makes the one type of valve that i am aware of and the rest of the valve is an exact duplicate. I have been told that the WSM is the duplicate of Yamaha's "UPDATED" valve however I am not sure what that is.

    With this longer sleeve, (even when it is all the way down the groove) keeps the valve from going anywhere near the piston. My stocks come right close to the piston where they should be.

    Does anyone have any experience with WSM power valves? ( i know the R&D Billet ones have the short sleeve) So what is the UPDATED yamaha valve do?

    I also bought the waveeater set to put on after as well.

    Please help, i would like to get my top end back in and get out on the water.

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    the last R&Ds I installed had the longer sleeves, as a matter of fact I had to notch out a spot for the hold down screw because the sleeve was binding the shaft when I torqued the hold down... the WSMs should be fine to run as long as they dont bind when tightened

    the valve doesnt actually move the full up/down length when hooked up to the PV motor

    try it on the #3 so you can line up the hole in the gear for the down position and see if they are the same

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