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    Genesis i...need to index the spark plugs?

    After searching all over the country and being unable to find a TPS for my 2004 Genesis i, I decided to take it to a dealership to get fixed. I told the service manager about my issues. Not revving above 4500 RPM under load on the water and constantly fouling plugs he asked if I had replaced the spark plugs. I told him yes that I had replaced them at least 3 times because they foul within 20 minutes of trying to get it to run. He told me he had seen this "several" times with the Ficht skis. He said that the spark plugs need to be indexed, i.e. the electrode needs to be pointed away from the injector.

    Has anyone ever heard of this? I haven't seen anything about this anywhere previously. Just trying to see if this guy is a genius or maybe I should take it somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance.


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    interesting idea..I've thought about it after reading about in in an outboard service manual..haven't had a need to do it ...yet..but certainly worth a try

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    I somehow doubt it will fix the problem, but it is not hard nor expensive to try it.

    Buy a set of indexing washers from any automotive supply shop, or speed shop.

    You can read up on spark plug indexing in a bunch of places online.

    I indexed the spark plugs on one of my Ficht 1200 engines. Didn't help in that case, and the problem turned out to be in the EMM. When the EMM was fixed, I just left the index washers in place.

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