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    Angry 951 Rebuild Fuel System Help

    Hey there,

    I have done this to 2 other skis already, XP and SPX. I am working on a 98 GSXL. So far this thing is a bit annoying. I am not that skilled in yoga to have blindly pulled the carbs and changed the fuel lines so I pulled the exhaust to get to them. I had to borrow the bent werench from a friend. No worries there.

    I read on the DYI Fuel thread that the 951 needs 1/4" and 3/8" hose. I must say that the 3/8 hoses (15 feet) seem over sized for that and I really need to tighten the piss out of the clamps for it to be secure. To replace those little, dinky hoses between the carbs using 3/8 seems INSANE! I am having a hell of a time doing this. Are these really the correct sizes to be using?

    The carbs were a disaster! Gunk filled everywhere! It took me 2 soild hours to clean and rebuild them to something I was happy with. I started tearing the ski down at 5:00 and planned to have it back and running in 4 hours, tops. It took me an entire hour to wrestel the exhaust off and pull the carbs! Hehe this thing is a b*tch to work on! and you do most of it blindly cause the engine is diagnol LOL

    Sooooo to make a long story short, I really dont want to pull it apart again this summer to replace a wrong sized or leaking hose. I am calling it quits for tonight. The carbs are sparkling clean. Most hoses are back on but I really want to make sure that they are damn correct ones before I put the ski back together

    Attached is a picture of the current state.. No comments on the purple towel!

    Just pulled them out...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, amazed it ran it all, never mind the spuddering
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Where it currently sits, as I drink a beer and complain
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    Fuel carrying hose is 8mm and vent hose is 6 mm. 6mm = .236 or approx. 1/4 inch, . 8mm = .314, approx 5/16" inch. 3/8 is too big.

    BTW, there is a procedure to get a good seal on the exhaust, I am not sure how much you removed. You may need new gasket. See the 2001 manual for the 951 tighten procedure and

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    before you put those back on you should take off the hose clamps and get the zip ties that have a SS (Stainless Steel) lock in them and get the little tightener tool to get them snug. I did the hose clamps once and they all rusted in a season and I ride in fresh water. if you must use hose clamps try to find SS ones.

    try taking that exhaust off in a about cussing a storm!

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    I'm confused...

    The DYI thread clearly says...

    "To replace SeaDoo Tempo fuel lines.

    You will need:
    20' of Gates Non Fuel Injection 1/4" fuel line(for a 951 you need 5’ of ¼” and 15’ of 3/8”) (NAPA)"

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    5/16" is correct for the larger fuel line.

    I used stainless hose clamps when I did mine and they look like new three years later and I ride in saltwater occasionally.

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    OK so I will return the rest of the 3/8" hose and replace it with 5/16".. Got that.

    What about the thin little lines in my first pic that runs into a T to both carbs? There is also one that bends 90 degrees on one carb. I am too lazy to look at what they are doing right now, just woke up lol

    OK from my pic the lines in question look like they are connected to the accelerator pump on each carb.

    Can we have the figure out the size of those hoses and update the sticky thread for DYI. It has wrong information and lead me down the wrong path.

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    Just measured the opening of the hose.. Looks to be about 3/16"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccstamoulis View Post
    Just measured the opening of the hose.. Looks to be about 3/16"

    My best guess is this....

    10 feet of 1/4" hose
    10 feet of 5/16" hose
    5 feet of 3/16" hose

    The return lines and feed lines are 6mm and 8mm - written right on the tempo lines. The other, little lines that attach to the carbs and accelerator pumps measure to be 3/16" and there really isnt much of it.

    Until I rip the hoses off the sender and selector, I am not sure how many feet are really needed for 1/4 and 5/16 hose. I will go get the above hoses and keep track of how many feet I use.

    I hope once I am done, we can somehow update the DYI Fuel System thread with the correct info for the 951. This was a bit more painful that it should have been when the info is stickied.

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    I think most people leave the accelerator hoses alone, they don't seem to deteriorate like the Tempo stuff. Those hoses on my 98's look great. If do replace them, I would consider Tygon from a chainsaw/ mower shop. I measure under 1/8". Heat the hose with a heat gun so it softens and you can get a nylon zip tie so tight it embbeds in the tubing.

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