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    Sl 780 piston damage

    Hi forum, My center piston looks like it had a bucket of nuts and bolts for lunch. If you have damage that is this extensive, can you just fix the cause + piston,cylinder,head or should you go through the whole engine? Im concerned about the missing pieces of that piston.
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    As well you should. All that debris floating around inside there wound up in your crank bearings i'm sure. You'll most likely want to remove the engine, split the cases and inspect the bearings.

    You may be able to salvage it VS. having it rebuilt.

    Just replacing the piston as is will almost certainly end in another failure quickly.

    PS, welcome to the Hulk

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    Takes 2 hours and youll have it on the bench.. Might as well learn how it all works and inspect stuff. It will give ya a chance to see the crank seals too.. you'll know what you have then after cleaning everything. Welcome to the hulk. we'll help ya thru it if needed. everyone is willing to help. just ask.

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    Thanks for the input. I will digg up some threads and start wrenching. To start with, what would you guys do for the top end. I see a lot of piston options and even re-nikasiled services out there.

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    PTO (rear) piston looks great, not sure what the MAG looks like.

    You don't need nicasil coating on those cyls.

    Just get a single piston kit big enough to remedy any damage to the cyls and get it done as cheap as possible.

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