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    carb adjustment???

    Where are the high/low speed adjustment needles on 1996 polaris slt 700? Any help appreciated

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    the high speed screws are high on the carbs and the lows are below them. the lows have tees on them and the highs have caps covering the screws. these need to come off first before you adjust them..

    they will be on the sides of the carbs after adjusting the screws to spec, then adjust the idle screw located on the throttle rail that moves both carbs, it will be on the end of the throttle rail with a tee'd screw with a spring on it.. adjust the idle to spec (usually )around 1200-1300 rpms. do this in the water after the ski is warmed up. it will race to about 2500 or so out of the water. thats normal.. theres no load on the prop..

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    Not to hijack thread but, I found the hi and low speeds. But, they are rubber headed screws? And they refuse to turn. lol Can't set it up to stock settings.

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    Rubber headed screws? The factory high and low screws have a plastic cap only allowing ~1/8 turn open or closed. To remove and reinstall the screws or reset to factor you need to pop off the plastic caps. Be careful though, they tend to go flying.

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    Hmm ok, thanks ThrottleOut. They do only turn slightly either way. They have straight head screw driver slots in them so I thought, Well ya know. Ok, so chances are the kid I got it from never messed with them. Otherwise he would have just tossed the caps away, like he has everything else haha. Thank you.

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