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    Pulled brass inserts out of pump shoe

    I posted a couple of threads before but can't get an answer. I have pulled the two brass inserts out that hold the intake grate on. I have the inserts. How do I fix this?

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    Your best bet at this point would be to grind down the bosses for the inserts, fill in the void with permatex right stuff, and run an X plate. With an X plate... all three rear intake grate bolts thread into the plate. The only other option for fixing it properly would be to replace the pump shoe... but there have been no updates to the design of the inserts, and this could always happen again with a new shoe.

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    I agree that above X ride plate and pump shoe would be the best fix. That guy knows his stuff. However if your poor like me you may want to consider this alternative.
    Call PPG they have an insert kit to repair those pulled pump shoe inserts. This is assuming that you didn’t break off the tab off of the ride plate that the center bolt of the intake grate fastens to. If you did break it off, then I would go with the above recommendation. If not, use the pump shoe insert repair from PPG. I wouldn’t trust it completely though. I would also purchase the R&D girdle also.
    This will add two additional fasteners to support the rear of the grate, giving you a total of 5 supporting bolts at the rear of the grate. I repaired mine this way a couple of years ago. Been running in the mid 80s without a hint of a problem. Do a search on the girdle or pump shoe repair. There are posts showing how members have drilled the RIVA grate to work with the R&D girdle, I use the riva grate with the girdle. It’s a solid fix for around a $100 dollars and an hour or two of labor. Again, this is assuming that you didn’t break the tab off of your ride plate.

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    Hot Products sell a kit for repairing ride plate thread inserts on Kawasaki 440/550's.

    It works great for repairing SEA-DOO pump supports in most cases.

    Comes with epoxy & tool to instal (bolt), tap required to thread plastic in pump support for repair, I have used lots of these over the years for this exact repair.

    Hot Products part number is 54-7900

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    I have an 04' and epoxied mine back in years ago, and they held up fine. Now earlier this year I ground them out, and installed the 08 riva open loop plate.

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