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    Smile Ultra 150 oil pump cable/throttle cable interchangeability?

    I have a 2005 Ultra 150 and noticed that the oil pump cable was slightly frayed at the ring terminal fitting that is screwed into the oild pump bracket with a small allen head bolt. I gave it a slight tug and the cable broke away from the ring terminal. I noticed that the 1999 to 2002 Ultra 150 has seems to use the same cable according to the WaterCraftSuperStore listing on ebay.

    I had a 1999 Ultra 150 and I recall the cable had a metal "sleeve" where it attaches to the stinger with a bracket. My 2005 has a plastic "sleeve". Would the older version work on my 2005 Ultra 150? Is the cable length the same? I did a search on the WCSS web site and the part number (54012) for the 1999 cable is the same as the 2005 cable, but the pricing is different... $73.42 and $95.73 respectively. The ebay price is $49.95 plus $6 shipping.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    They are different I had to replace mine last year. The bracket that mounts to the exhaust is different also. I just went ahead and ordered the correct part from my kawi dealer. It was about $75 if I remember correctly.

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    When you receive the new cable, INSPECT IT. I received a brand new cable that had a couple of broken strands right out of the bag. Sent it back and told them to inspect the next cable before they sent it, and they did.

    This is a common problem. One of these days, I'm going to start repairing these cables as a side business...

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    I'm a living organ donor; 1 kidney since 2002. Mitch 05 Ultra 150's Avatar
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    I did a little more research and found that they are different and ordered it from WCSS... thanks for confirming.

    I did read that a few people got some bad cables right out of the packaging... thanks for the heads up.

    You would think that it would be relatively easy to repair the fitting. I might give a try before I install the new one. The worst that could happen is that the repair fails and it dumps a lot of oil.

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