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    2000 YAM SUV: 1200 non-pv help

    The ski had the #3 oil injection line come off which is common for this engine. Cooked the #3 piston. The #1 and #2 piston have good compressions still.
    I know the easiest, safest and most expensive route is just to order an remanufactured engine from SBT, however, what is the process to determine if there is any damage to the lower end? I would think if the lower end did not get damaged, you could just put a new piston/cylinder sleeve kit on the #3 and be done with it. I have good basic mechanical skills and have changed out engines, however, I have never taken one apart to check for damage. Any help appreciated.

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    These can be bored out and a new piston installed. if you are really trying to save money you could just bore the one, it is recommended however to do all three and keep them equal. This is a 65U motor so I moved the thread to the old school section where these motors are discussed.

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