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    Hudson River Rides, Events, and Happenings.

    It seems to me that the NE Rides section ride area is just a tad too big, so I thought I would start a thread that concentrated on the Hudson River. Yes I know that sometimes you Ct. guys and gals make a pilgrimage to this part of the country, however it isn't often enough. Soooo. if anybody is doing anything on the river and wants your fellow riders to know about it, post here! Yes and you Ct. guys are ALWAYS welcome.

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    Thanks Riverrunner! I'm so glad that you decided to post a new thread for HRR! I'm going to be heading out shortly and came online to find out if there was anyone going riding on the Hudson today. I know you like to travel around and am looking forward to meeting you out on the water again. I'm leaving now heading out to launch in Yonkers, then going down to the west side of manhattan around Pier "50" to watch the Cruise Liners depart around 5-6pm. I might decide to do the entire trip around manhattan island if I find another skier to join me.

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    I am thinking about going down the Hudson ?while I am in Lake George. Can you tell me a launch that is close to Lake George or Glenns Falls?

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    The only ramp that I know of is in Catskill NY, however that is about 90 miles from LG. I'm sure there are some that are closer but I've never used them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey Beer View Post
    I am thinking about going down the Hudson ?while I am in Lake George. Can you tell me a launch that is close to Lake George or Glenns Falls?
    First post and just picked up my first ski in April, but I can tell you that in order to avoid any locks, you have to launch south of the federal locks in troy. The Corning Preserve on the east side of Albany or a little further south at Henry Hudson Park would be two good places.

    On the general topic of the Hudson, just moved to Albany in January, and am always looking to get out on the water. So post up if anyone is looking for someone to ride with, or say hey if you see a green/white Kawi stx-r in the Albany area!

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    Don't normally ride that far North, however I'll be spending a month in Catskill so I'll try and spot ya!

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