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    Powering up GPR Multifunction Meter (Display)

    Before I delve into this, does anyone know how to power up a set of GPR gauges that have been removed from a ski.
    Looking at the wiring diagram. I need to supply 12v to the black and red wires, but something else needs to be done to get them to activate.

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    You have to run a jumper off of the hot lead to the terminal that corresponds to the feature on the MFD that you want to test. There is a wiring matrix in the service manual for the proper connectors that you need to tap into. If you need more info. I can post a photo of how I accomplished this.


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    I neend to power up to check the hours on a ski I may buy. Engine has damage and will not turn. So gauges will not power up.

    4 stroke gauges are simple to power up, but the GPR need some sort of trigger to power up when the engine turns over.
    Any info you can provide would be great. Going to have a closer look today at wiring diagram etc.

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