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    1994 Polaris SL 750 Spark Problem

    I'm hoping someone out there can help me with with a problem that just developed with my Polaris SL750.
    It is in very good condition and hasn't had any problems this Summer until now.
    It suddenly died in the middle of the lake during a leisurely ride the other day.
    It was clearly an electrical problem as it didn't cough or sputter a bit once it died.
    It was almost as if someone hit the kill switch but the kill switch appears to be working fine.
    I pulled a spark plug and found that is has no spark whatsoever.
    The battery is pretty new and seems to be fine.
    I opened the electrical box and the fuse was okay with no water penetration in the box.
    I've read about coils and stators and CDI's on this forum and have purchased a meter to start checking things.
    Any advice on where to start?


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Start with ohm testing the stator (which is my guess) and coils.

    There is no test for the CDI, just a known good one to swap it with. (save that test for last)

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