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    98 GSXL - Oil Pump Help

    Hi there,

    I rebuilt the carbs and the cable connecting (half moon on the pump) to the oil pump somehow unspun itself. I am guessing that a mirror and flashlight need to be used. A lightnighing storm ripped through and stop my buddy and me dead in our tracks working on it tonight and I still do not have a dolly to put the damn thing in my garage.

    Looking for tips, tricks, pictures or ANYTHING to help me get the spring back in this thing tomorrow morning when I look at.


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    Ok let me just say that the 951 is a bi*** to work on! I love the 720's lol... that being said, I rebuild mine. The exhaust gasket was junk so I needed to replace that, it takes an hour to get to the carbs and the hole oil injection pump spring... after an hour of trying to line up both ends of the spring, it was simple... pull off the front motor mount, lift the engine and stick some wood under it, then pull the stater cover off and spin the spring then reinstall. Bottom line, well it now runs great but was very challenging doing simpling tasks lol...

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    On a side note, next time I rebuild carbs in these things, I'm gonna get some looking vice grips and clamp it to the the carb side cable for the pump before I take it off that way the damn oil pump does unspin!

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    You said it, mirror & flashlight. Be sure to align the two lines, this ensures it's set up correctly.

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    Not a big issue just turn the oil pump shaft towards the cable until the spring end locates onto the oil pump body and then hook it onto the cable and align.

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