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    Just cuts out! After hull swap. Please any help is good!

    I have a 750sx, i swapped the hull because the ride plate was ripped out. After is back together 100%. It starts up good and runs great for a little bit (about 1 min) and then cut off. I prime it once and it starts right back up and does it again(need to prime it because no fuel in carb). It does it at weird times. I looked over everything. The primer is pulling alot of air bubbles (i check another ski and that ski gets airbubbles also but not nearly as much), and im really not getting a good push of fuel (alot of air) into the carb. I have tested all the lines from the tank and everything is air tight but im sure its a fuel problem. We put the gasket back under the top of the tank. is there something i could be missing, or overlooking? Im sure its back together right and seems to be cutting out when its not getting fuel. thanks alot please help.

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    The obvious thing would be to make sure the fuel selector is on.

    Sounds like perhaps you swapped the fuel supply and return lines.

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